We simplify expenditure so your customers can get on with running their business!

  • Businesses are in need of a better way to handle both their B2B and B2C payments.
  • Their owners & managers are forced to handle petty cash, the risk withdrawing it, it's frequent misuse & tedious reconciliation it causes.
  • They spend too much time dealing with expenses, needing to be present to sign cheques, time that could be used more productively.
  • They make bulk payments in cash or by the tedious process of sending a list to their bank, rather than doing it online themselves.
  • & the result of of using a myriad of traditional, disjointed payment methods is inaccurate expense accounts & difficult to retrieve records.

These headaches can be relegated to the history books because Popote Pay enables businesses go 100% digital on outgoing payments. It’s host of expense management & accounting features helps them reduce losses, increase efficiency & drive growth & profits.

Popote Pay enables traditional Financial Institutions offer an innovative & proven take on digital banking.

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Enable your multi-banked customers move funds instantaneously from their other bank accounts, promoting use of your institution as their primary store of funds


Give your customers better interest on their deposits than is usually feasible to promote their use of digital payments for overall, quantifiable benefits to your institution


Offer your customers the ability to make single or bulk payments to a wide range of recipients including bank accounts & mobile money wallets both locally & internationally


Be closer to your customer's directorship, management & finance teams who are registered with different roles & rights for the creation, approval & auditing of payments

Popote Pay